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About Our Company

Penny Botz was developed by Bot Logic Labs.  It is an AI Bot that scours the internet to locate specific real-time information about a users selected public company. Penny Botz presents to you everything from corporate information, current and historical financials, and regulatory information. We compile message board posts from Reddit,  iHub, Motley Fool and others. Penny Botz also presents social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and provides users to corporate specific digital shopping sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and even the company's own shopping cart.  Once located, Penny Botz returns this information via our custom interface to the user for instant use.


Penny Botz is a FREE member service and is super simple to use. To begin, sign up as a member

Don't worry, Penny Botz is 100% FREE to use with NO hidden or in-site fees. All we ask is that you use it! Once you get your Username and Password, sign in and just type your desired symbol in the Penny Botz user interface and Boooommm your off and running. 


Have fun and enjoy our Penny Botz AI Bot.

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